Shadowrun 2071/2 Campaign Report and New Seattle Scream (#49)

4 January, 2016

It has been a while since the last of my Seattle Shadowrun game updates, mostly because the games have just not been happening due to scheduling conflicts and several of the regular players moving out of town. However, this Saturday’s game saw four new players, none of whom had played anything other than D&D before, joined two regular players for a short and sweet game.

Before the game, I prepared a new issue (#49) of the Seattle Scream and the mission tied directly into one of the news stories.

In other local Shadowrun news, the NorCal adventures of PinkCat (latest one here) have been moving forward on a roughly monthly schedule and the reports for that have been much more timely.

Happy shadowrunning in 2016 (and whatever year your campaign is set)!


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