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Tuesday Magic Item – Botanical Book

15 December, 2015

Maybe a bit smaller than that one“Books are not my favourite item to acquire as spoils,” said Voddick morosely, “they are heavy, have to be kept dry and finding a buyer is difficult.”

“But at least they are often quite valuable,” replied Gollaon, stuffing several more volumes into his backpack.

“True and you have some good contacts in the scholarly trade,” nodded Voddick placing another book into his bag.

“That one will be worth a score of dragons* or more.”


(*The Gold Dragon is the most valuable coin of the Draconic Imperium in common circulation.)

Botanical Book

These book are bound in strong waxed leather, water-proofed canvass or similar material to protect the pages within.  The pages are equally heavy and designed to resist tears.  Each page has an illustration of a plant which range from black and white sketches to fully painted and a full description of the plant and its uses are noted.

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