New Magic Item – Shepherd’s Axe for D&D5

9 December, 2015

Tool and weapons“Young man, if you wish to go into the mountains, take this axe, it has served me well,” said the old man.

“Thank you, grandfather,” said the young man with a bow.  “I shall use it well as you did.”

“Be careful, the mountains are dangerous and have no mercy for the incautious.”

“I will keep my wits about me and the axe close.”

Shepherd’s Axe

These weapons are a light axe with a long and straight wooden shaft, usually about three feet (one meter) long, often reinforced with metal.  Carved decoration on the wooden shafts is not uncommon as the owners usually have considerable time for such work.   The axe head has a narrow blade and the other end is blunt so it can be used as a hammer.  The whole is designed to comfortably fit into the owner’s hand so it could be used as a walking stick.

The Shepherd’s Axe is a weapon but its primary use is as an all purpose tool and travel aid.  While using it as a walking stick, the user gains advantage to avoid slipping or tripping when walking with the aid of the Shepherd’s Axe, equally the user gains advantage to any Survival roll that the axe can be used for.

The axe is extremely hardy and is unlikely to be damaged by normal wear.

Weapon (axe), common

Notes: Inspired by the actual Shepherd’s axes of the Carpathians and made for the new character in the Petrichor game.  You can find a Pathfinder version here.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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