Rokugan SRIU Episode 7 “Spirited Evenings” (L5R Campaign Report)

3 December, 2015
Bayushi Kaeru doodle by her player

Bayushi Kaeru by her player

Back in the capitol, the yoriki are given some time away from their official duties to relax . . . of course it does not work out that way.

The Sparrow is left in the care of the Order of Benten, hoping that they will be able to cure his lingering sickness while Otaku Asilah is taken on a tour of the Seppun horse rearing lands by Seppun Bachin.

Bayushi Kaeru is called upon to assist the Scorpion Embassy, which unexpectedly finds itself should of priests, so she spend a week involved in rituals and blessing.  This earns her the thanks of Bayushi Gakuto, the Scorpion ambassador to the Imperial Court.

Hida Kenta receives a letter from home, including the news that several of his squadmates perished in combat.  Starting that evening, he begin having disturbing dreams and awakening disheveled and unrested.

Akodo Akina is adapting to life with one eye and is practicing intensively to do so.  She finds her dreams often become nightmarish and good sleep is difficult to come by.  And she still has the box.

A week has passed when Hida Kenta is called in by the Magistrate, Doji Akira, who looks up at Kenta and then back down to a stack of papers and says, “While I do not mind but If you are going to go to a geisha house, I can recommend several with a better reputation.”  Kenta is extremely puzzled, as he has not visited any geisha houses.  The bills, however, bear his chop, which is still secured in his possession.  Akira tasks Kenta with investigating . . . himself to find out what is going on.

It turns out, Kenta has been leaving the barracks around midnight and returning just before dawn, it was just that everyone else (besides Wuya) was too busy to notice.  Kenta has no memory of this.  They visit the geisha house, where Kenta is welcomed as a valued customer.  The house has fallen on hard times but puts on a brave face.  They leave none the wiser.

Kaeru researches the geisha house and finds that it fell on hard time after the death of a patron Doji Masero, of natural causes to all appearances, in the house.  So she decides to have a full scale blessing and exorcism of the house and shows up with a full squad of monks and nuns to “free it of any dark influences”.  Kenta remembers that his friend Hida Saburo, recently killed, had talked of the geisha house.

That evening, they decide to see what happens.  Kenta goes to bed watched by a hidden Kauru who sees Kenta’s lucky cricket turn to a shadowy form and slide into Kenta who gets up, has an extremely evasive conversation with Akina and heads off.  He is followed to the geisha house, where he is greeted and taken away.  Akina sneaks in and watches Kenta enjoy two geisha performing for him, one reading an erotic story while the second enacted an interpretive dance thereof.  On his return, Kaeru is lying in wait to catch the shadowy creature and it leave Kenta.  A comedy of errors follows and ends with Kaeru briefly possessed by the trapped spirit of Hida Saburo who explains that cannot ascend to the next stage of life as he is trapped by his base desires and he demands Kenta’s aid (as Kenta owed him a favor).  They managed to exorcise Saburo’s spirit and free it from this world much to Kenta’s relief.

A few days later, they attend a ceremony at the new shrine to Hana-no-Kami and receive a blessing from the kami to aid them in their future tasks (Episode 8 “Jaded Desires).

Notes: Kenta’s player was a very good sport about this game.

The basic structure of the campaign here Rokugan SRIU and the previous episodes: Episode 1 “. . . and a monkey, Episode 2 “Cherry blossoms fall . . .“, Episode 3 “Tigers, Temples and Trouble“, Episode 4 “Paper Street, Episode 5 “Promises Made”, Episode 6 “Flowers at the Ki-Rin Shrine” and Episode 6.5 “Bandits along the Way.

Tsuba phot by Rukia13 and used under under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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