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Rokugan SRIU Episode 7 “Spirited Evenings” (L5R Campaign Report)

3 December, 2015
Bayushi Kaeru doodle by her player

Bayushi Kaeru by her player

Back in the capitol, the yoriki are given some time away from their official duties to relax . . . of course it does not work out that way.

The Sparrow is left in the care of the Order of Benten, hoping that they will be able to cure his lingering sickness while Otaku Asilah is taken on a tour of the Seppun horse rearing lands by Seppun Bachin.

Bayushi Kaeru is called upon to assist the Scorpion Embassy, which unexpectedly finds itself should of priests, so she spend a week involved in rituals and blessing.  This earns her the thanks of Bayushi Gakuto, the Scorpion ambassador to the Imperial Court.

Hida Kenta receives a letter from home, including the news that several of his squadmates perished in combat.  Starting that evening, he begin having disturbing dreams and awakening disheveled and unrested.

Akodo Akina is adapting to life with one eye and is practicing intensively to do so.  She finds her dreams often become nightmarish and good sleep is difficult to come by.  And she still has the box.

A week has passed when Read the rest of this entry ?

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