Petrichor Adventures – Campaign Report

22 November, 2015

This is a recap of the first adventure before I forget anymore about it, campaign background here.

Sort of like this

Port Imperial

First Session, It starts in Nieuw Asterdahl, where Lorrend and Pedr are tasked with sailing along the edge of the island to Port Imperial to recruit additional labourers, they take the cutter Zee Duifje (Sea Dove) and head off.  The travel is uneventful, they arrive on the docks, where they are met by a visse servant of the Imperium and his two marine assistants, who collect docking fees.  The five sailors say they will wait on the ship, or in a nearby bar, for our heroes return.

Where upon:

  • They, literally, ran into Klaus, a landsknecht (probably inspired by this video), whom Lorrend promptly recruited.
  • A pair of Wayist pilgrims ask directions of the pair, and Lorrend recruits them too.  They are Tomlin, older half-elf preacher, and Leaf, young human nun.
  • Set up shop in the open market to recruit labourers.  Competing with agents of House Hazolai for the same labour pool.
  • Taking a break at the Storm Cloud, a ramshackle inn on the edge of the open market, an urchin offers Pedr an arm from a statue.  Lorrend convinces him to buy it as it was obviously an arm that once bore a shield and thus a good omen.
  • Heading back to gather more workers, they are passed by a slave coffle showing off oarsmen.  Lorrend bristles but takes no action.
  • Pedr sets up to hire more people and Lorrend is approached by Leobald, a local farmer, whose farm is being plagued by monsters.  Lorrend immediately insist that they drop everything and go and help the farmer.  Pedr convinces him to let him shut up shop first.
  • Heading out to the farm, Lorrend is accosted by two crones who give him the cryptic prophecy of:

The Princess of War will court the Prince of the Moon.  In the city of the West, a prophet will be slain.  The Black Star foretells bloody conflict.

and made of earth

Like this, but bigger

Arriving at the farm, which is a few miles outside of Port Imperial and recently built, they find the monster only appear in the early morning, pillage part of the crops and then vanish.  The farmers youngest daughter, Julia, is the only one who has seen them and she described them as big bugs.  They stay with the family and the next morning our heroes are standing guard around the farm and as the Sun is released from his prison, a cry goes up from Julia and they come running to see a set of giant (dog-sized) ants moving to harvest the farm’s cabbage patch.  After observing for a moment, Lorrend and Klaus engage the ants.  Most of the ants are quickly dispatched, when killed they are revealed as made of clay.  The last ant retreats into a nearby boulder and looks out again as the Sun fully emerges and then retreats back inside.  Pedr tries to lure it out using a darkness spell to partly block the sunlight, provoking the same head poking out and retreat reaction.  Lorrend realizes that the ant are crepuscular and, in fact, only active in the dawn light, Pedr recognizes that their appearance correspond with the arrival of the constellation of the ant in the night sky.  After some debate, they decide to block the stone off from all light, by means of wrapping it in layers of canvas.  Lorrend goes into Port Imperial, buys a large quantity of used sail cloth and returns to wrap the boulder, Pedr marks the interior of the cloth with a variety of wards and symbols.  They wait until morning where . . . nothing happens.  Declaring it a success, they take a variety of pickles offered as thanks and return to the port, gather their labourers and return to Nieuw Asterdahl.

Where they unload the new workers, report to their respective superiors, get confirmation that the statue’s arm is indeed magical.  Pedr and Lorrend get permission to go back and look for more pieces of the statue, they board the Zee Duifje, with a new crew of five, and head back to Port Imperial.  There they locate Von and ‘hire’ him to try and find more pieces of the statue and get him to reveal where he found the arm which was a rubbish tip outside the Four Emeralds, a new inn being built by a dwarven consortium.  They are not able to track down any more of the statue yet but they do hear a brawl breaking out near by and go to investigate.  Finding a young man fighting three other men, obviously slavers, they separate the antagonists and learn the young man, whose name is Ozcella, has been tracking a group of slavers who captured his sister, Tica, several months ago and the trail has led to here.  Lorrend volunteers their aid and they go down to the slave market to learn more, several hours and several silver worth of bribes later, they find that a woman matching the description of Tica was purchased by the Gold Sword Company of venturers who have since headed into the interior.  After visiting the Tower of Transmutational Learning and trading for information about the statue’s arm (and turning it into a device for detecting other parts of the statue) they head back to Nieuw Asterdahl with the intention of pursuing the Gold Sword Company.

And thus ended the session.

Notes: For the Port Imperial adventure, it was pretty much entirely generated by use of random tables from Midkidema Press’ wonderful Cities book (get yours here).

City image from a lithograph published by Nathan Currier and William B. McMurtrie, c 1850 and is in the Public Domain.  Ant photo by Maciej Forc and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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