Oath Blade for D&D5

30 October, 2015

Emperor Aurangzeb approves of oaths“I am not sure if this job is worth swearing an oath,” said Voddick, eyeing the dagger suspiciously.

“We always try our best to live up to the requirement of a job, why not make it official?” said Gollaon.  “And you get a nice new dagger out of it.”

“Well, there is that.”

Oath Blade

These daggers come in all forms from plain functional weapons to bejewelled and nearly ornamental display pieces, what they all share is a motto of some sort engraved on the blade.  Usually it is something along the lines of “My Word is My Honor” or similar sentiments.

Most Oath Blades are simply well crafted daggers, their magic lies in a another direction.  The owner of the Oath Blade may take the blade and perform a ritual (which may be a short as a minute or as long as a day) to commit themself to a particular task.  As long as they are actively and directly working toward achieving that goal, the bearer of the blade and the oath may gain  advantage on one roll related to the task, this ability resetting after the bearer has taken a short rest.  Only one oath may be active at a time and the previous oath must have been completed before a new one can be sworn.

If the owner of the Oath Blade breaks their oath, the blade shatters and the former owner is branded as an oath breaker, anyone who see them will know this.

Weapon (dagger), uncommon

Note: The Oath Blade can be enchanted as a weapon as normal but most are not.  For a Pathfinder version, go here.

Image from WikiMedia Commons (from the Los Angles County Museum of Art) and in in the Public Domain.


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