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Tuesday Magic Item – Overo’s Last Blade

27 October, 2015

Black Blade

“Cannot say that I like the look of the commander’s new sword,” said Voddick.

“Nor I,” agreed Gollaon idly tuning a lute.  “There is something about it something . . .”

“Evil?” suggested Voddick, sipping at his mug of mulled wine.

“Exactly.  I keep thinking that I recognize it.  Something about a duelist, but I just cannot remember.”

“Well, no good will come of it.  Of that, I am sure.”

Overo’s Last Blade

Commissioned for Overo Dirgeblade, the infamous necrourgist-duelist of Vartoria, it is a black steel rapier with prayers for the dying etched along the blade.  A silver skull with cut onyx decorating the eye sockets forms the pommel and the grip is wrapped in black mourning cloth.  He only used the sword for a year before he was slain in the Sorcery Riots that tore down the ruling aristocrat-wizards and installed the new Republic of Vartoria.

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