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Creative Sunday – M C A Hogarth, Artist and Writer

25 October, 2015

Third in this (hopefully) weekly series of posts, where I highlight some of the awesome creative things being done out in the world.  Today, we have:

M C A Hogarth

Tea Break by MCA HogarthI first encountered MCAH’s art some time ago, long enough ago that I do not recall the exact details.  But I started follower her work on LiveJournal (remember LJ?  It still exists but is not nearly the hub of activity it once was.) and we would occasionally exchange comments and idea.  I purchased some of her artwork back then too, well, quite a bit of it actually including one commissioned piece (“Tea Break” pictured right).

She has since gone on to bigger and better things, getting a lot of writing down and published.  You may have heard about her when there was the big blowup when Games Workshop tried to get her book Spots the Space Marine pulled down off Amazon because GW claimed the term Space Marine was theirs and theirs alone.  Thankfully that was squashed though GW ended up with quite a bit of -well deserved- bad press for being such bullies.

Mantid portrait by MCA HogarthHer writing is fascinating, often exploring alien cultures from the inside, and she has quite a bit published bow.  I am obviously a huge fan of her art (she used to livestream her process on occasion where I picked up a second Mantid piece, on the left there).

Go visit her site for some inspiration.

She also maintains a Patreon to support her work creating Noblebright (as opposed to grimdark) fiction.

Notes: For last week’s Creative Sunday we had the music of Al Stewart and before that the lovely art of Nwain, the Knight who Wandered Dream.  More to come!

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