Creative Sunday – Al Stewart, Singer-Songwriter

18 October, 2015
Modern Day Bard

Modern Day Bard

Al Stewart is a musician that I always associate with gaming, not that he is a gamer to my knowledge, but many of my earlier gaming friends were fans of his and his album Past, Present and Future was often a background soundtrack to our games.  He is best known for the song Time Passages, which is far from my favor piece of his, but it or Year of the Cat are the songs of his that get the most play.

Mr Stewart often chooses historical themes for his songs, many of which should be inspiration for a wide range of games.  The album Between the Wars is all tied to interwar Europe and should have useful hooks for anyone playing Call of Cthulu or a pulp adventure game, Night Train to Munich especially should be inspirational.

In any case I recommend you check out his official webpage and try out some of his music.  I will not be offended if it is not to your taste but I hope that people can find something they like among his many songs and styles.  You can also learn more about Mr Stewart from his profile on wikipedia.

Mr Stewart is currently on tour and will be performing in Atlanta on 6 December and I will be there.  Any chance that I will see you there?

Photo by Elaborating and found on Wikimedia Commons and has been placed in the Public Domain.

Notes: Second in my weekly series of looking at creative people and endeavors, last week was looking at Nwain, the Knight who Wandered Dream and her creator.


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