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Tuesday Magic Item – Homeward Compass

13 October, 2015

Find your way homeVoddick rapped the compass against the table.  “I think it is broken.”

“Let me see,” said Gollaon extending his hand.  He took a close look at the decorated compass.  “That is because it has lost its bearing.  The previous owner must be dead.”


“This sort of compass are magicked to point toward the owner’s home,” explained Gollaon, handing it back.

“Why doesn’t it work for me then?” Voddick asked, watching the lazily spinning needle.

“Because we don’t have a home.”

Homeward Compass

These rugged compasses are usually decorated with an inscription and often a scene of the original owner’s house or home city.  Almost always made of bronze or brass exterior, sometime covered in leather, they are extremely hard wearing.

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