Rokugan SRIU Episode 6.5 “Bandits along the Way” (L5R Campaign Report)

8 October, 2015

After handing off the evil gaijin artifact to the Asako Inquisitors, and endured a pointed questioning at their hands, our heroes were free to make their way back to the capital.

Some tsubaNaturally, that journey would not be without incident.  Traveling through back roads along the western edge of Phoenix lands, they arrive at Basket Weaving Village.  The villagers are unusually wary of the traveling samurai.  The Hida finally invites the innkeeper over to join them and the Bayushi offers food, the innkeeper is confronted with the situation and asked what is going on.  He admits that a bandit gang has moved into the area and is preying on travelers, it also keeps a close watch on the village and their attempts to sent messengers to get help has failed gruesomely.  They learn the bandits number around twenty and that the village is expected to report to them about travelers and the innkeeper asks what they want the bandits to know.  There is some debate about what to say, but the message that reaches the bandits is that the samurai have been riding hard to get their sick friend to treatment.

The next morning, our heroes head out, prepared for battle underneath their straw cloaks.  As expected the bandit appear and the ambushers and in turn ambushed.  But it turns out that numbers matter two and while each samurai is more dangerous than a bandit, they are outnumbered three to one and the fight is brutal with the yoriki only just winning.  Akodo Akina having been laid low by a bandit’s blow.  They are able to save her life, but she has lost an eye.

The bandits’ head are placed on spikes along the road as a warning to other lawless types and they return to Basket Weaving Village to rest before continuing their journey back to the capital.  The rest of the journey in uneventful and they report back to their magistrate.  Bayushi Kaeru acquires a tsuba (sword guard) in the shape of a leaping lioness for Akina to use as an eyepatch.

Notes: A short game due to my lack of preparation and inspiration, thus it is only a bridge episode.  If it was an actual series, this would have been a webisode which explained why Akodo Akina now has an eyepatch.  C1 again did not show up for the game, so the poor Suzume was still sick.

The basic structure of the campaign here Rokugan SRIU and the previous episodes: Episode 1 “. . . and a monkey, Episode 2 “Cherry blossoms fall . . .“, Episode 3 “Tigers, Temples and Trouble“, Episode 4 “Paper Street, Episode 5 “Promises Made”, and Episode 6 “Flowers at the Ki-Rin Shrine”.

Tsuba photo by Rukia13 and used under under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


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