Tuesday Magic Item – Curse-Eating Dagger

30 September, 2015

BewareVoddick cleaned his sword and toed at the knife the killer dropped, after he and Gollaon dropped him.  “Why kill a sick grandmother and with such a nasty weapon?”

“Don’t touch that,” said Gollaon knocking it away with his blade.  “I recognize the design.  That grandmother was suffering from a curse, the dagger now contains it.”

Voddick hastily backed away.  “I have had enough curses in my life, I do not need any more.”

Curse-Eating Dagger

These weapon come from a variety of sources, some are crude, made by small communities, others are works of art commissioned by major temples, but they share certain characteristics: bone handle wrapped in leather and a blackened blade marked with mystic signs.  However they are made, they are dangerously sharp and it is almost impossible to handle the blade without being cut by it.

The Curse-Eating Dagger is a +1 keen curse-bearer bane dagger that on a critical threat also gains the vicious quality.

But its main property is that when it kills someone bearing a curse, the blade eats the curse, the signs on the blade flaring with the curse’s energy.  The wielder now has until midnight to get rid of the curse, they can:

  • Pass it on to another, by holding the handle of the dagger in their other hand and touching a victim.  The victim gets a Will save (DC 13 + the level of the curse) if they are aware of what the person is trying to do otherwise, they are simply cursed.  The bearer of the dagger suffer Charisma and Wisdom damage equal to the level of the curse for doing this.  The victim will see the dagger and the person who cursed them in reoccurring nightmares and may seek vengeance.
  • Trap it, this requires special bottles, scrolls or prepared sacrificial animals worth 50 per level of the curse times the caster level of the curse.  The bearer of the dagger suffer Charisma and Wisdom damage equal to the half of the level of the curse (rounded up) after trapping a curse.  If trapped in a bottle or scroll, the curse can be released at a latter time with the proper ritual.

If the curse is not released, the wielder must make a Will save (DC 13 + the level of the curse) or they become the new host for the curse, take one point of Charisma damage and are sickened for a minute for each point they failed the save by.  If the save is successful, they manage to dissipate the curse and only suffer Charisma and Wisdom damage equal to the half the level of the curse (rounded up) and are exhausted.

Aura strong necrourgy; CL 13th
Slot none; Price 26,301; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bestow curse, inflict critical wounds, remove curse; Cost 13,000 + 301 for the dagger

Notes: A very last minute contribution to this month’s RPG Blog Carnival: Curses! Cursed Items and Calamities in Your Campaigns hosted by Roleplaying Tips.  Though I have played around with curses quite a bit here.  I had intended to get this up yesterday, but the curse of the kidney stone laid me out last afternoon.

Photo by Andy Rennie and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


  1. This is awesome. Will definitely use. Can I have a 5e version at some point?

  2. […] Sean Holland shares a curse-eating dagger. […]

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