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New Magic Item – Robes of the Equinox’s Chosen

28 September, 2015

Stylish them druidsSavilan the Archdruid smiled and anointed Yiris. “Again, you shall serve as our voice among the people, Yiris.  Indeed, I can think of no one else wearing the robe.  Stand and be recognized by your peers.”

Robes of the Equinox’s Chosen

These robes are woven from living fibers and they are tied into the season, gradually shifting from a vibrant green in spring to a mix of reds, yellows and browns in autumn (with dark green in summer and paler shades in winter).  The belt is made from slender woven branches that also reflect the current season.  The robe is presented to the druid that acts as conduit for official relations between the distant high druids and the people with whom they share the land with.

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