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Tuesday Magic Item – Brickmaker’s Shovel

22 September, 2015

Hard working womanVoddick mopped his brow and leaned on the shovel.  “How is it we have ended up doing manual labor again?”

Gollaon shrugged and turned to hammed in another stake.  “We are getting paid as mercenaries and are not in the front line, so it is not all bad.”

“Put that way, you have the right of it,” agreed Voddick stretching.  “Though I am impressed they were able to gather so many building supplies in such an abandoned corned of the kingdom.”

“I suspect they cheated,” said Gollaon with a nod toward the royal mages tent.

Brickmaker’s Shovel

These shovels are of expert make using the finest hardened metal and treated wood, usually they are decorated with a variety of magic sigils both protective and otherwise, though they are often too covered in earth and mud to read them.

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