Tuesday Magic Item – Conscript’s Bracelet

15 September, 2015

Wider than thisGollaon and Voddick leaned on the parapet, listening to the martial music and stirring speeches as the new conscripts were inducted into the army and bracelet closed around their wrists.  “Glad to see that someone is excited about this expedition,” said Voddick.

“Well, I would rather be fighting alongside those who are fighting for a cause than peasants forced onto the field,” replied Gollaon.

“Truth to that,” agreed Voddick.

“And as citizens, they are more likely to have coin in their purses to lose to us over a game of cards.”

Conscript’s Bracelet

These magic bracelets are mass produced for those nations that rely upon citizen conscription to maintain their militaries.  They are made of hard metal, usually steel and marked with the symbol of the state and, often have the unit and rank added later.  While in service, the bracelet cannot be (easily) removed, but once the service is complete, the bracelet can be taken on or off but is often worn as a sign of service and citizenship.

The bracelet provides a +3 morale bonus to saves against fear and once a day when following a direct order from a superior officer, as an immediate action, the wearer can a +1 morale bonus to melee damage rolls and 1d4 + wearer’s level of temporary hit points for five minutes.  The wearer also gains a +2 bonus to rolls to stabilize when dying.

The wearer is also bound into military service until it is removed by the proper authorities and failure to follow orders will lead to the wearer being sickened until they return to service.  If the bracelet if forced off, it brands the (former) wearer with a mark identifying them as a deserter, the brand is difficult to heal and becomes painful if covered.

Aura moderate abjuration; CL 7th
Slot wrist; Price 250; Weight
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Item, heroism, lesser geas; Cost 125

Notes: Again, trying to work out how nations would use magic.

Photo by Luis nunes alberto found in Wikimedia commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.



  1. Interesting! It makes me wonder (a bit tangentially) who mages relate with government and military bureaucracy.

    • Most fantasy roleplaying games assume a medieval-ish structure but they usually play out more like proto-modern states. So, I keep asking myself how would such states use magic to their advantage? Lots of mass produced low level items, like the bracelets, are one of those ideas. It also leverage the effectiveness of the citizen-soldier slightly.

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