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Tuesday Magic Item – Conscript’s Bracelet

15 September, 2015

Wider than thisGollaon and Voddick leaned on the parapet, listening to the martial music and stirring speeches as the new conscripts were inducted into the army and bracelet closed around their wrists.  “Glad to see that someone is excited about this expedition,” said Voddick.

“Well, I would rather be fighting alongside those who are fighting for a cause than peasants forced onto the field,” replied Gollaon.

“Truth to that,” agreed Voddick.

“And as citizens, they are more likely to have coin in their purses to lose to us over a game of cards.”

Conscript’s Bracelet

These magic bracelets are mass produced for those nations that rely upon citizen conscription to maintain their militaries.  They are made of hard metal, usually steel and marked with the symbol of the state and, often have the unit and rank added later.  While in service, the bracelet cannot be (easily) removed, but once the service is complete, the bracelet can be taken on or off but is often worn as a sign of service and citizenship.

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