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Tuesday Magic Item – Caravan Blessing Token

8 September, 2015

Not usually this complex“Well ,” said Voddick, braiding the charm into the horse’s mane, “there are worse way to start a caravan than a blessing.”

Gollaon nodded as he finished tying his charm.  “I will take all the help we can get.”

“And the colorful tokens will help us keep track of our animals among the other caravans.”  Voddick noted with a gesture to the other caravans gathered on the staging ground.

“Good point.”

Caravan Blessing Token

These color full tokens are made of brightly colored cloth and often woven into distinctive shapes, they are primed by weaving them into a pack or riding animal’s fur and then activated by a blessing upon the lead animal of the caravan.  The token remains active until the caravan arrives at its destination or a full season has passed but it can be reactived when the caravan sets off again.

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