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Rokugan SRIU Episode 6 “Flowers at the Ki-Rin Shrine” (L5R Campaign Report)

3 September, 2015

Leaving behind the Inquisitors and hunted peasantry, our yoriki continues their travels arriving at the justly famous Ki-Rin Shrine where they meet up with Otaku Akilah who comes bearing messages from Doji Akira (their superior).  Which contains the news that Doji Otaro has been murdered by a nun whom, it appears, that he tried to take advantage of and that they should take some time to rest at the Shrine before returning to the capital.

Things were nice and relaxing until, on their way back from their evening meal, they spotted something the size of a child running across the rooftops towards the shrine.  As they headed off in pursuit, a figure called Akodo Akina’s name and she paused to see Ikoma Masaji, looking very haggard and expressing a desire to speak with the Bayushi priestess, if such could be arranged, the distracted Lioness agreed and then raced after her companions.

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