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Tuesday Magic Item – Venturer’s Book of Hours

1 September, 2015

Voddick's one is not this niceVoddick read and ran through the prayer contained in the little book, it was really quite calming.

“Ready to go?” Golloan looked in.

Voddick nodded and tucked the book safely away.  “Thank you again for the book, it really helps me find focus before heading out into another battle.”

“You are most welcome, such a book helped me once,” replied his friend with a smile.   “Now, let us go and earn our pay.”

Venturer’s Book of Hours

These small books are mass produced, usually by a mixture of printing presses for the body of the work with hand colored plates and embellishments.  They contain a selection of prayers and meditations for the traveler and trader, doctor and dilettante, scholar and soldier, with just enough religion to push someone towards a particular faith without being likely to offend.

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