Summer moves into September

31 August, 2015

August draws to a close, leaving GenCon and most of Summer behind, hopefully seeing the last of Summer’s heatwave as well.  September, which is seventh month of the Roman calendar, does not seem to have any particular ties to myth or man among the Romans, however,  as Seven is usually viewed as a magical number, magic and spells will be our theme for this month.   Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

I will be out of town in early September to visit my mother and Washington, DC.   May or may not be able to reply much while I am there but I will certainly have news to share when I return.

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July and August, 2015, saw the following posts here on the design journal:


GenCon 2015, My Experience.

My advice for Running Conversion Games.

Sean’s GenCon advice (2015 edition).

New Magic Items

Copper Caltrop, deter pursuit with a handful of coins.

Everawake Amulet, keep your eyes open, if you are will to pay the price.

Festival Bracelet, have a good time at the festival!

Gaslighting Box, opens a doorway . . . but not into the imagination.

Gymir’s Tooth, a warhammer that really hates dragons.

Medallion of the Shadowed Doorway, escape into the shadow lands . . . and then you need to escape from the shadow lands.

Table Cube, take a table with you easily.

Testing Wand, you might be a wizard!  Find out.

Campaign Reports

PinkCat Running in the Shade (A Different sort of Shadowrun campaign report): Episode 12 “Pirates of the Pacific (Coast)” and Episode 13 “Music Biz”

Rokugan SRIU (L5R): Episode 5 “Promises Kept”

Shadowrun 2071 Report and New Seattle Scream.

Across the Web

Dark Future Ahead 12, News from the Net of a Cyberpunk Bent

History Resources for your Game

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