Tuesday Magic Item – Gaslighting Box

25 August, 2015

Plainer than this evenVoddick closed the door and then opened it again, it was a spartan, cell like room on the other side with narrow windows.  “That was a broom closet the last time I looked inside,” he said mostly to himself.

Gollaon peered over his shoulder and looked at the door frame.  “Close it again.”

Voddick did so and his friend traced a sigil on the door.  “Try now.”

Carefully, Voddick did so revealing . . . a broom closet with a plain gray box on the floor.

“Someone is playing nasty games,” said Gollaon, “and we need to find out who.”

Gaslighting Box

These odd items appear as nothing more than a plain metal box, careful examination will reveal that its lid is false and that it is in fact a sealed cube.  Polishing the box with oil will reveal the concealed symbols that must be traced to activate its magic.

The box can be used once a day, placed in the center of a room with only one door and the sigil traced, it opens a sub-dimensional space that in linked to the door, anyone passing through the door enters the room created by the box for the next ten hours (or until the sigil is traced on the closed door).   The room created is a twelve by twelve foot (3.75 by 3.75 metre) stone room with three narrow windows.  The room is furnished with a cot, a bucket, a pitcher of clean water and a cup.  The door linked to the box can be arcane locked at will by the person who activated it.

The room is lit by ambient light, just enough to read by and it does not change.  The windows are deep and only two inches (five centimetres) wide and it is always lightly raining outside them but nothing more than indistinct shapes can be seen.  The room resets ever time it is recreated, appearing exactly the same when it is reentered again.

When the room is dispelled, anything living in it ends up in the same space but all nonliving material vanishes with the room.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot – ; Price 10,000; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, arcane lock, dimension door, shadow conjuration, rope trick; Cost 5,000

Notes: If you do not know what gaslighting is, read about it here.  This is designed to disorient and confuse the person who is forced into the room, though creative uses for it are possible as well.  Tell me what you come up with.

Photo by Angel Arcones and used used under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. I see what you did there.

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