Tuesday Magic Item – Festival Bracelet

18 August, 2015

Sort of like this“Why are all those people flashing those bracelets?” asked Voddick.  “Is it a cult?  Because I do not need any more cults in my life.  It cannot be fashion as they are too . . . tacky.”

Gollaon laughed.  “If you find them so, it must be true.”

Voddick was about to defend his sartorial choices when a group of half-naked young folk, all wearing bracelets, chased each other around and through the pair.  “Wait . . . what?” said a dazed Voddick as they ran off laughing.

“They are to worn during such celebrations to prevent unwanted . . . complications arising from carnal pleasures,” explained Gollaon.  “When two or more of them are touched together they glow to prove they are still working.  That is important, as their magic usually does not last any longer than the festivals they are worn for.”

Voddick just shook his head.  “I find I am disturbed by the level of hedonism such magic implies.”

Festival Bracelet

These colorful bracelets are woven from brightly, but cheaply, dyed cloth or fibers, usefully in color associated with the festival being celebrated or the organization providing the bracelets or both.  Their magic is triggered by tying them around ones wrist or ankle with a special knot (that cannot be undone, only cut) and the bracelet glows for a few seconds when it is activated.

The magic of these items last only a short time, long enough for a day and (probably) a night of entertainment (8+4d4 hours) and during that time, the wearer gains a +1 resistance bonus to saves against diseases, poisons and any and all mind-effecting tricks that may be played on them.   But its primary purpose is to prevent conception, if either partner is wearing one, the chance of conception is minimized and if both are wearing them, there is almost no chance at all for conception.

Use of these items outside of appropriate (and approved) festivals are frowned upon but many find them useful for other times as well.  Rumors of overuse leading to sterility and barrenness may be just that.

Aura moderate abjuration or necrourgy; CL 1st
Slot wrist or feet; Price 36; Weight
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Items, Inflict Light Wounds or Shield, Resistance; Cost 18

Notes: The idea of licensed licentiousness appears now and then, so I thought I would build an item to reinforce that idea.  But, of course, it has other uses.

Photo by kafka4prez and used under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.




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