Tuesday Magic Item – Everawake Amulet

4 August, 2015

Watching you“Wasn’t that the same guard posted this morning?” asked Voddick in a low voice.  “He seemed awfully alert for someone who has been on duty more than half a day.”

“He will pay for his wakefulness soon enough,” replied Gollaon.


“There is a seller of magical trinkets following the army, I recognized some of his wares.  He was selling a talisman that wards off sleep.”

“That seems useful,” murmured Voddick.

“The price for it is high . . . in the end.”

Everawake Amulet

These items are enchanted in a quick and dirty fashion, made of inexpensive materials crafted to look more valuable that it is, gilding, plating, cut-crystal decorations.  Owls, eyes and dogs are common decorative motifs for these amulets.

The amulet provides a +1 competence bonus to Perception checks, increased to +2 after eight hours awake and to +4 after another eight hours awake.  The wearer also feel awake and alert, increasingly so as time wears on.  The wear can stay awake for an additional amount of time equal to their Constitution score, after that, they fall sleep for half the amount of time they were awake and nothing short of physical damage will awake them (and only to an exhausted state).  If they take the amulet off before the limit is reached, they only need the normal amount of sleep if they get to sleep within half a hour, but any longer and the amulet’s price must be paid.

Until the time is used up, the amulet protects the wearer from becoming fatigued by magical -or other- effects costing four hours of wakefulness, exhausted or sleep is similarly negated but costs twelve hours of wakefulness, if that pushes the wearer over their limit of wakefulness, they fall asleep from the amulet’s price at the beginning of the next round.

After each use beyond the first, there is a one is twenty chance the magic of the amulet will entirely disperse.

Aura faint necrourgy; CL 5th
Slot neck; Price 650; Weight
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Items, sleep, vampiric touch; Cost 325

Notes: Another useful GenCon inspired item.

Photo from Los Angeles County Museum of Art found on Wikimedia Commons and is the Public Domain.


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