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Tuesday Magic Item – Everawake Amulet

4 August, 2015

Watching you“Wasn’t that the same guard posted this morning?” asked Voddick in a low voice.  “He seemed awfully alert for someone who has been on duty more than half a day.”

“He will pay for his wakefulness soon enough,” replied Gollaon.


“There is a seller of magical trinkets following the army, I recognized some of his wares.  He was selling a talisman that wards off sleep.”

“That seems useful,” murmured Voddick.

“The price for it is high . . . in the end.”

Everawake Amulet

These items are enchanted in a quick and dirty fashion, made of inexpensive materials crafted to look more valuable that it is, gilding, plating, cut-crystal decorations.  Owls, eyes and dogs are common decorative motifs for these amulets.

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Safely Back from GenCon 2015

4 August, 2015

Through dangers untold and troubles unnumbered . . . wait, wrong journey.  Back home safely from GenCon and a report (or series there of) in the next week or so will explore that amazing convention in more detail.

But I would like to thank all of the players in my Legend of the Five Rings games at GenCon and all of the people who demoed and played games with me over the Best Four Days in Gaming.  I had a wonderful time and I hope you all did as well.

Hope to see some of you again next year.

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