Tuesday Magic Item – Table Cube

28 July, 2015

“Why does the general want this block of wood?” asked Voddick, tossing it from hand to hand.

“It is not out place to question a general’s orders, at least, not when such orders do not risk our lives,” replied Gollaon.

Arriving at the general’s tent, they handed the block over to a general’s servant who set it down, spoke a few soft words and it unfolded into a full-sized table.

“That’s handy,” whispered Voddick as the pair slipped away.

Table Cube

These cubes are three inches (7.5cm) on a side and made from hard wood that has been carefully oiled and polished.  They are very difficult to harm and almost impossible to burn.

Set on a hard surface with the proper command words, it unfolds into a six foot by four foot table (183cm x 122 cm), three foot high (81 cm).  The table resists both stains and damage (hardness 10, 25 hp, takes half damage from fire).  Another set of command words returns the table to a cube.  It can be unfolded and collapsed once each per day.

Some of the earliest of the table cubes had yet to perfect the magic and even as a cubes weigh as much as the table.

As a Cube, weight 1/2 lb (.25kg), as table 30 lbs (13.6kg)

Notes:  I had meant to post it yesterday but could not get a stable internet connection.  I will have full Pathfinder stats for this when I get back from GenCon,  It continues in the theme of useful magic item to have a GenCon that I post during GenCon week.


  1. Nice. Perfect furnishing for your Leomund’s Tiny Hut.

  2. Handy, indeed. Enjoy Gen Con.

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