Tuesday Magic Item – Medallion of the Shadowed Doorway

21 July, 2015

From here to thereVoddick looked around the corner and then stepped around.  “She’s gone.  And it is a dead end.”  Voddick scanned the high walls.  At the end of the alley all there was a bricked up doorway, deep in shadow.

Gollaon followed.  “No hidden passageways either.  I checked this area the other day.”

“It sounded like she walked to the end . . . then nothing.”

Gollaon paced and then paused.  The shadows around the sealed doorway are wrong.  Voddick looked.  His and Gollaon’s shadows stretched down toward the doorway from which the shadow reached out toward them.

Medallion of the Shadowed Doorway

These medallions are made of silver alloyed with the ashes from the unhallowed dead, inscribed with incomplete prayers to the dead, and set with a  shard of obsidian polished to a mirror sheen with funerary oils.  The silver chains for these medallions always have square links.

Twice a day, as a standard action, the medallion can change any doorway (or opening much like a doorway, window, arch, or similar) into a passageway between the world and the shadow land between life and death.  The passage remains open for 2d6 round + 1 round for each being that passes through it.  Fortunately, the beings on the shadow land side cannot perceive the passageway though they can notice being transitioning between the two states.

Aura strong illusion [shadow]; CL 11th
Slot neck; Price 40,000; Weight
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Items, shadow walk; Cost 20,000

Notes: You can find a little more about the shadowy lands between life and death in the Sea of Stars here.

Photo by Alexander Baxevanis and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. My player’s could have used this item last game.

  2. Cool. Are there risks?

    • Oh yes, the shadowed realm is in no way friendly to the living.

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