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Tuesday Magic Item – Gymir’s Tooth

14 July, 2015

Wisdom-Tooth-Photo-by-Pejman-Akbarzadeh“What an odd war-hammer,” said Voddick, looking at it.  “Look it has a massive tooth as its head!”

“Hide that, you fool,” hissed Gollaon looking around to make sure none of the other looters picking over the dead had heard.  “It is made from a giant’s tooth, I have heard of such,” he said in a whisper.

Voddick slipped it under his tooth.  “Valuable?”

“Worth your life if a dragon catches its scent.”

Gymir’s Tooth

The first of these was made by the dwarven smith-venturer Elsain Emeraldsign using a tooth taken from the giant Gymir’s body from the Yotenschlachfeld shortly after that battle.  The weapon made from that tooth retained Gymir’s hatred of the dragon that slew him.  The shaft is made of dark oak reinforced with blackened steel and the tooth is mounted in a steel harness ending in a vicious back spike.

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