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Tuesday Magic Item – Copper Caltrops

7 July, 2015

Coins everywhere!“Get him!” yelled the Duchess standing over the prone form of her partner.

Voddick ran. “Well, that was a short bodyguard job,” he muttered under his breath.

Ahead they heard the sounds of coins ringing on stone and coming around the corner, saw that dozen of shining coins were scattered down the corridor, a few still rolling.  “Just copper, not worth stopping for,” Voddick said.  But Gollaon caught him by the arm before he rushed forward, another pair of Ducal guard ran forward and cried in pain, finding their fine boots pierced by spikes when they stepped on the coins.

“I recognized that trick from my time in Cavitiki,” said Gollaon.  “Now let us move carefully.”

Voddick nodded and did so, wincing in sympathy as the limping guards continued ahead.

Copper Caltrops

These bags of polished copper, well usually copper alloy brass or bronze, coins with a mocking face on one side and a three pointed star on the other.  The bags are designed to flip their contents out once opened and the polished coins can, in poor light, be mistaken for gold.
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