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Tuesday Magic Item – Royal Token of Heroism

9 June, 2015

A hero's awardGollaon buffed the medallion with his sleeve.  “Nice to get some recognition for a change.”

“I think the bag of silver was a better gift,” replied Voddick.  “And what is the nonsense about shouting ‘for Queen Anathalya and Noviragen’ to activate it?”

“I still think it was a nice gesture after we saved the kingdom.”

“I liked the feast.”

“Well, I liked the friendly servants,” grinned Gollaon.  “And this,” he pointed to the medallion, “only made them more friendly.”

Royal Token of Heroism

These are usually made of silver or gilded copper in the form of a medal or medallion usually with the crest of the granting monarch on one side and an allegory for the deed that the token was awarded for on the other side.  The craftsmanship is always exceptional.

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