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Tuesday Magic Item – Siege Shield

2 June, 2015

Shield wall, wall shields“How did we get roped into assaulting a castle again?” asked Voddick, as two more arrows thudded into his shield.

“Money, always money,” replied Gollaon snapping a shot off with his crossbow.  “Time to try out your new toy.”

“Right!” Voddick braced himself and read out the words written on the back of the shield.  It explosively unfolded into a full tower shield, protecting both him and his friend.  “Well, that worked better than anticipated!”

Gollaon tossed him the crossbow and started readying a grappling hook with rope attached.  “Halfway there.”

Siege Shield

These rectangular metal shields are surprisingly heavy and usually undecorated, the leather carrying straps are heavy and reinforced with metal thread.

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