Review – Wulfin (for OGL Fantasy)

31 May, 2015

Wulfin is a resource for a new species, brave wolf-humanoid communal defenders of all that is good.  They are obviously a species near and dear to the author’s heart but unfortunately there are some poor organization calls and mechanical problems that drag down the usefulness of this product.  The Wulfin deserve a full rewrite to bring them to the gaming community as their author had intended.

Wulfin is a 19-page PDF (17-pages if you remove the cover and OGL page) for the D20 OGL written by Anna Dobritt and published by Cartography Unlimited for RPGs/Ravenwyng Publishing.

Wulfin is about the Wulfin species, naturally, it gives their creation story, how they live and what they seek to achieve.  In the few pages devoted to their culture and society, it paints a very interesting view of these very community and protection oriented beings.   How they fit into the author’s game world and interact with the other races there is noted and highlights what is good and bad about this product.  The Wulfin are obviously a very important part of Dobritt’s game world but much of the material here just seems pulled from game notes and not edited to make it useful for a wide audience.

But it is the mechanical side of things where this product suffers, the Wulfin as creatures statblock has several errors.  The Wulfin as player characters provides a net +4 to statistics and uses odd stat modifiers (as in not an even number) which is a recipe for abuse, though apart from gaining the scent special ability the rest of their species abilities are within the normal range for such things.  An associated creature, the kelar wolf, also suffers from errors in its statblock.

The gods of the Wulfin are detailed, the short writeup on the dogma and clerics of the two gods is good but then there are almost six pages devoted to full statblocks for the gods(!).  The effort to do so could have been spent much more usefully providing other support material for the Wulfin.

Three high level NPCs associated with the Wulfin are given full statblocks but only one is given a background.  A small selection of words from the Wulin language along with the runes they use are also provided.

The Wulfin suffer from a lack of support even within this material, no unique feats or items, magic or non, no plot hooks, no low level NPCs to interact with a starting party.  All things that could be corrected in a revised edition but make it very hard to recommend this version.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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