Into June, May falls behind

31 May, 2015

The name June evolves from the Roman month Iunius, or Junius, is named in honor of the ancient Roman goddess Juno who is the wife of Jupiter and oversees marriage (and equated with the long suffering Greek goddess Hera).   For the Romans, the first half of Iunius is a period of religious purification and was considered the most favorable time to marry, though mine was on the Solstice and it has worked out pretty well.

Summer officially starts this month, so, any thoughts on a theme, reader?  Send me your suggestions and I will try to act on them.

May, 2015, saw the following posts on the design journal:


I have a Patreon now


My ‘What are you good at’ GM Challenge

Random Bandit Gang Generator

New Magic Items:

Deatheater Blade, strike down the undead (who will be coming after you).

Isobel’s Sword of Freedom, free the slaves, break the power of the slavers.

Moonmist Coronet, the power of the fae help you.

Sword of the Bandit King, “I am the Bandit King!” (and for D&D5)

Campaign Reports:

PinkCat Running in the Shade (Shadowrun), “No Sex Please, its BTL”

Rokugan SRIU, Episode 2 “Cherry Blossoms fall . . .” and Episode 3 “Temples, Tigers and Trouble”


Purple Duck Storeroom: Animated Skulls.



My L5R RPG games at GenCon, come and play in one of my games.


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