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Tuesday Magic Item – Deatheater Blade

26 May, 2015

Swords of FaithThe old knight stopped at the top of the stairway leading down into the catacombs.  “You two, take warning back to the town, I will buy your what time my old frame can.”

Voddick paused to send a crossbow bolt into the undead thing that was trying to mount the base of the stairs, causing it to stumble but not fall.  “There are scores if not hundreds of them, you will be killed.”

The knight’s sword started burning with an eerie blue-white flame.  “They will not find me easy prey.  Now go.”

Gollaon tossed a three freshly lit torches down the stairs.  “That might slow them a bit.  May your faith be strong and your sword sharp, Sir Venryll.”

“May the Ancestors guide you safe and quick,” he replied with a quick salute.  The two nodded and then ran for the town with all possible speed.

Deatheater Blade

These swords are forged of steel alloyed with a dusting of silver and quenched in a mixture of holy water and rare oils.  The hilt or shaft can be plain or elaborate depending upon whom it was originally made for, but usually religious symbolism is worked in somewhere.

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