New Magic Item – Sword of the Bandit King (for D&D5)

20 May, 2015

‘Red Teeth’ Wrack smiled his unpleasant smile as he picked up the sword, the pooling blood from his former leader’s slit throat did not slow him in the least.  “Now, I am the bandit king,” he whispered to himself.

Sword of the Bandit King

Weapon, very rare (requires attunement, but see below)

This slightly curved long sword is made of blued steel and shows signs if some hard use, but the blade remains in excellent condition.  The hilt has a distinctive hand-guard inlaid in silver with setting for gem, which may or may not be set depending on the fortunes of the wielder.  The grip is made up of multiple short lengths of cording in various color, one length for each former wielder.

For most, it is just a +1 long sword.  It desires to make its wielder the bandit king or queen, the most famous outlaw in the world.  It is not intelligent as such, but it does seek someone to make that desire, real.  As such, it provides its wielder with a variety of abilities:

  • Advantage on Charisma checks when dealing with bandits, pirates and similar such criminals and outlaws.
  • The sword’s enhancement bonus increase by one for each order of magnitude of followers, +2 with 10, +3 with 100 and so on up to +5 at 10,000 or more followers.
  • Once they have 10 or more followers, the wielder gains advantage to all saves against mind-effecting abilities.
  • Once a day, by proclaiming loudly, “I am the bandit queen!” (or as appropriate to the wielder and followers), all of her followers within line of sight or earshot gain advantage on their next attack roll and advantage on saves against fear for ten minutes per bonus of the sword.  The sword’s wielder gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls and saves and one temporary hit point per follower within 20′ per bonus of the sword (at the time the proclamation was made) for the same duration.

The sword wants to be in the hands of the most ambitious bandit leader it comes into contact with and it will send visions to those it wants to wield it, showing them what they could be . . . with the sword in hand.  Anyone who has dreamed of wielding the sword, instantly attunes it when they take it from its current owner.

Likely fate of those who embace the sword.

Notes: As requested, a D&D5 version, the Pathfinder version can be found here.  A brutal weapon for an ambitious criminal who will likely rise, and fall, spectacularly.

Image from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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