Tuesday Magic Item – Sword of the Bandit King

19 May, 2015

A stylish leader of banditsThe young bandit lead the pair to the largest tent, “Sir, the two mercenaries to see you.”

“Show them in,” came the reply from inside.  The bandit opened the tent flap and the two venturers entered.  Seated on a camp stool was a well dressed man with a prominent scar running from under his left ear to the base of his throat.  Behind him were two rough looking fellows with crossbows.

The discussion ran the usual, fees for services, expected cut of plunder and such like and concluded quickly.  The two were dismissed and once alone, they began quietly talking among themselves.

“You recognized that sword?” asked Gollaon.

“How could I forget it?  That is the one Reckless Wilhelm used when he was the Prince of the Red Banner Band,” replied Voddick.  “The ones who almost killed us when were were serving as caravan guards and then got themselves slaughtered trying to take that tournament hostage at Westford.”

“And was owned by Vallia the Black Eagle when she united the coastal raiders, until they tried to capture Asterdahl and were sunk by the Republic’s navy,” added Gollaon.  “That sword is trouble, I say we part ways with it as soon as we safely can.”


Sword of the Bandit King

This slightly curved long sword is made of blued steel and shows signs if some hard use, but the blade remains in excellent condition.  The hilt has a distinctive hand-guard inlaid in silver with setting for gem, which may or may not be set depending on the fortunes of the wielder.  The grip is made up of multiple short lengths of cording in various color, one length for each former wielder.

For most, it is just a +1 keen long sword.  It desires to make its wielder the bandit king or queen, the most famous outlaw in the world.  It is not intelligent as such, but it does seek someone to make that desire, real.  As such, it provides its wielder with a variety of abilities:

  • +4 Charisma when dealing with bandits, pirates and similar such criminals and outlaws.
  • The sword’s enhancement bonus increase by one for each order of magnitude of followers, +2 with 10, +3 with 100 and so on up to +5 at 10,000 or more followers.
  • Once they have 10 or more followers, the sword’s bonus applies as a resistance bonus to all saves against mind-effecting abilities.
  • Once a day, by proclaiming loudly, “I am the bandit queen!” (or as appropriate to the wielder and followers), all of her followers within line of sight or earshot gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and to saves against fear for ten minutes per bonus of the sword.  The sword’s wielder gains a +2 morale bonus to attack and saves and one temporary hit point per follower within 20′ per bonus of the sword (at the time the proclamation was made) for the same duration.

The sword wants to be in the hands of the most ambitious bandit leader it comes into contact with and it will send visions to those it wants to wield it, showing them what they could be . . . with the sword in hand.

Aura strong transmutation; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 125,315; Weight 4 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, dream, eagle’s splendor, false life, greater heroism; Cost 62,500 +315 for the long sword

Notes: To go with yesterday’s Random Bandit Gang generator, a weapon to lead bandits with.  It is a very powerful item, though it starts out weak, it builds in power with that of the group the wielder leads.  I am quite happy with how it worked out and it is much higher on the power curve than most items I work with here.  You can find a version for D&D5 here.

Photo from WikiMedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


  1. Love it. Will use. Perhaps sooner than you might like. 😉

  2. Question: does “resistance bonus to all saves against mind-affecting abilities” apply to just the wielder, or to followers as well?

    • Just to the wielder. Though the “I am the bandit king!” abilities gives followers a bonus to saves against fear.

  3. Cool item. I think it would be more amusing, though, if wielder exactly had to announce: “I am the bandit queen!” 🙂

    • Use whatever works best in your campaign. *wink*

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