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New Magic Item – Isabel’s Sword of Freedom

13 May, 2015

Strike for freedom!Voddick walked to the left and Gollaon to the right of the young woman with the silver sword.  The two friends were alert for danger as the young woman touched the shackled of the slaves with her sword tip and the bindings fell away.  In a matter of minutes, the compound full of people, once enchained, was freed.

“The slavers will be back with reinforcements any moment now,” said Voddick, gripping his crossbow tightly.

“Fear not,” said the woman, “these people have their freedom back and they will fight and die before they surrender it again!”  She raised her sword and the former slaves raised tools and chains to use as weapons.

“Leading an ill-armed force of rabble into battle, my favorite,” said Gollaon with a grin.  “Come on Voddick.  Immortality in a song awaits us.”

“As long as we live to hear it,” grumbled Voddick.

Isabel’s Sword of Freedom

This enchanted weapon has a guard worked in the pattern of a broken chain, the blade is silvery bright and etched with runes.  The blade reshapes itself into to a bladed weapon appropriate to its wielder’s preference, ranging is size from a dagger to a long sword, when it is first picked up.

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