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My Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) RPG games at GenCon

11 May, 2015

My L5R RPG games are up for perusing at the GenCon site, though you cannot register for them until the 17th of May.  I have two games again this year:

Saving the Oinari Shrine, an introductory action-adventure scenario featuring all Younger Clan (minor clans for those being less polite) characters.  Playing at:

Thursday, 9am / Friday, 7pm / Saturday, Noon/ Sunday, 10am

Death at Snow Peak Spring, an advanced investigation/intrigue scenario featuring the yoriki of the Imperial Magistrate Doji Akira.  Playing at:

Thursday, 2pm / Friday, 1pm / Saturday, 5pm

While each session is listed for six player, I always have seven characters prepared.  While I know this is some time off, always happy to accept generic tickets to fill the seventh slot (along with any unclaimed slots) if you think you will have the time and interest to play.


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