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Tuesday Magic Item – Moonmist Coronet

5 May, 2015

Walk under the Moonlight“Where did she go?” asked Voddick, looking around in confusion.  The were standing at the edge of the river, a low mist had rolled in.  The two story buildings on either side looked difficult to climb.  “She was only out of sight for a moment.”

“There!” pointed Gollaon.  “In the mist!”

“Is she walking on water?”

“No, too high.  She is climbing the mist itself.”

“Nice trick,” said Voddick.  “There is no way we can chase her is there.”

“Not tonight.  But well played on her part.” Gollaon continued peering into the mist.

“I do not like it when we have to chase people as clever as us.”

Moonmist Coronet

These simple silver headbands are decorated with the phases of the moon, the full moon placed in the center.  Their silver never permanently tarnishes, though contact with cold iron will cause it to temporarily do so, and in direct moonlight it glows with a soft radiance.

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