Zebra, Riding (A to Z Challenge, Z)

30 April, 2015

Zebra, Riding

Zebra as draft animalsIn the aftermath of the Sundering many areas suffered unusual patterns of destruction, and occasionally creation, but in several areas, horses were almost entirely wiped out and the nearest creature to replace them were zebras.  Zebras can serve in the same role as horses and ponies but not in the role of larger horses.  But teams of them can still be used to pull carts and wagons.

However, zebra are skittish and prone to panic making them nearly useless for military uses.  While zebra can be used to ride to battle but it not recommended that they be ridden in battle.  On the bright side, zebra are hardy and resistant to disease making them very useful for all other tasks.

Treat zebra as ponies or light horses, as is appropriate to their size, with the following additional abilities:

  • Hardy, zebra gain a +2 racial bonus to saves against disease.
  • Skittish, zebra suffer a-2 morale penalty to saves against fear.

Notes: Like X, Z is not the easiest letter to work with.  And with this, the A to Z Challenge for 2015 is successfully concluded.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons and is the Public Domain

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