May be May begins, Goodbye to April

30 April, 2015

It is almost May.  May is Maius in Latin and probably named after the Greek goddess Maia, who is associated with Spring.  So, what shall the theme be for May?  The fae and faerie?  Spring and nature?  Gods and religion?  Something else?  Let me know.

April, 2015, saw the successful completion of the A-to-Z Challenge for this year and some campaign reports and that was all I had time to fit in beside my work on the Sea of Stars Kickstarter.

A-to-Z (2015):

Altacia, City of the Dogfolk

Bai’ai’i, the Dark Star

Catfolk of Felix Talis

Dominae, Philosophy of

Edge of the World

Fae Bronze, magical material

Giant-blooded, Descendants of the Giants

Hunters of Dragons


Judge, one of the Empress’ Seven Stars

Karrias Wood, magical material

Lash of the Overseer

Moon Sect




Quizzing Glasses

Rai Stone

Sisters of the Swan





Xyston of Dragon Warding

Ypisaran Serpentfolk

Zebra, Riding

Campaign Reports:

PinkCat Running in the Shade (Shadowrun), Episode 8 “The Concert!” and Episode 9 “Bad Racist! No Bomb!”

Rokugan SRIU, Episode 1 “. . . and a monkey.”


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