Portals (A to Z Challenge, P)

18 April, 2015


Will you pass through?Following the Sundering, the dragons ruthlessly attempted to close any permanent link between this world and another seeing them, reasonable, as potential invasion routes.  Stone circles, holy windows, gates to hell, all were forcible sealed often destroying them in the process.  Though there were so many that some, inevitably, escaped, a few were hidden before the dragons could chase them down, and some that require specific alignments of circumstance to open were either missed or ignored.  Some of the more ambitious dragons hid gates with the intention of using them to their advantage, not all survived to do so.

Some groups either secreted away the knowledge of building such portals or have worked hard to rediscover it from various sources.  Building new such gateways is exceeding difficult as the metaphysical terrain has shifted greatly with the Sundering and often requires either exotic materials or work in obviously places (such as mountain tops or waterfalls) that can reveal their plans.

Even simple point to point transit portals were rendered unstable by the Sundering for distances beyond line of sight (with the notable exception of the Seven Gate Cities), though the wizard Zardarian has recently had some limited success with the proper placements and materials but only on a small scale.

Intact and functioning Portals, like any other limited resource, are highly valuable but must be concealed from Agents of the Imperium who will seek to shut them down following ancient directives that are still on the books.

Notes: This is naturally related to Incursions.  Zardarian, and his experiments, featured in an early SoS game.

Photo by Bs0u10e0 and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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