Oracles (A to Z Challenge, O)

17 April, 2015


Looking to the stars, looking to the future(In a general sense, not directly referring to the Pathfinder class.)

It is widely believed in the Sea of Stars that the future can be predicted, perhaps not precisely, but the general flow of events can be learned.  The most popular and effective means is astrology, reading the future in the patterns of the stars.  Almost every settlement that is at least the size of a town has its own astrologer, trying to untangle the threads of the future.  The skill and accuracy of the astrologers vary widely, but very few courts choose to go without having at least one.  The Draconic Houses rarely have obvious astrologers, unless one of the family chooses such a path, but almost certainly has one in a tower hidden somewhere writing predictions for them.

There are a handful of Oracles of the Sun left, but they are only able to speak on matters of crops, business and love.  Matters of war and politics are obscured to them and they categorically refuse any questions related to dragons in any fashion.  But on the subjects they speak on, they are remarkably accurate.

Other methods of divination are used, from the common, such as coins (numismatomancy) and cards (cartomancy), to the exotic and obscure, such as the patterns on old shoes (scarpomancy) or the feelings of fear (phobomancy) have adherents and detractors.  Certain organizations have teams of diviners, checking and crosschecking the predictions of the future to build a perfect pattern, but such perfect reliability is almost impossible regardless of the number of oracles and diviners working on understanding the future.

One of the many problems of perfect predictions in the Sea of Stars is that dragons only cast a shadow in most divination, their existence can be inferred by actions and effects but they rarely can be forced to appear directly.   While most dragon cast a shadow, the Empress herself simply cannot be perceived or predicted by the use of Oracles or divinations, it is suspected that this inability to be divined is part of the reason that she was able to successful plan and then mount the attack upon the gods.

However a skilled diviner is always in demand and can always find work.

Notes: Prophecies are always a good plot point but they have to come from somewhere.

Photo by Chris Lexow and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Gotta love the stars!!!
    Happy A to Zing

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