PinkCat: Running in the Shade “The Concert!” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

15 April, 2015

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.  If you want read the previous stories after the initial wave there is Episode 4, Episodes 5 and 6, and Episode 7.

Episode Eight: The Concert

Guest Starring: Clawz, Usagi-kun, and introducing:

  • Fancy McGunns. A very bossy (and busty) rabbit who has the ability to pull very big revolvers out of hammer space.  She dresses in a risque fashion, easily the most “adult” character in the cartoon.  (Standing in for Calvin, an elvish gun-bunny/face from Tír Tairngire, played by M.)

Backstage!The whole team is going to the Lunashade Concert (a thinly disguised version of Moonshadow -elvish rocker and former PC-) with some early hi-jinx of lost tickets, buying merch and some boys from the fancy local prep school hitting on Pink and Glitter (and being chased off by Clawz and Usagi-kun).  While watching the warm up act, they notice some shady characters messing with the cables and sound system, cue cartoonish chase through back stage with the saboteurs (revealed as agents from a rival entertainment corporation seeking to ruin the show) being caught and turned over to Officer Bloodhound, without him realizing who was responsible, just before Lunashade’s set begins.  Rock on!  After the credits we see Fancy in the back of a limo with an obvious entertainment exec, she pulls down a shade on the scene with a “that’s all, chummers.”

What really happened: Rock on!The team is hired to meet someone backstage at the Moonshadow concert (already all win as far as PinkCat and Sparky are concerned), get an items from them and deliver it to someone waiting nearby.  Simple enough, ne?  Well, not really, getting in and backstage was easy (though Calvin had to have her pistols, causing a delay while it was figured out how to smuggle them in) but our contact had been killed, stabbed to death in the costume shop, and the item stolen.  The team splits up to try and figure out who did it using enhanced senses, partial images hacked from the security system and blind luck.  By process of elimination, it is determined that it is a group of four elvish guys, Calvin tries talking to them and then freaks out when she realizes that they are from Tír Tairngire and basically tells the rest of the team that she is out.

We are not quite ready to give up.  As Moonshadow takes the stage PinkCat starts hacking the backstage cameras to keep us from being totally obvious, Sparky moves to reprogram the pyrotechnics display in case we need a distraction while Oda and Bladez confront the elves directly.  The elves split up to try and confuse us but we know it is the guy who is climbing the scaffolding who has the item and Bladez and Oda give chase.  Much climbing and crazy martial arts follow as a helicopter tries to come in to extract the elf only to get a broadside of pyrotechnics courtesy of Sparky hacking the fireworks board.  In the end we get the item from the Tir elf, who Oda leaves broken and bleeding after an epic martial arts fight on the top of one of the lighting scaffolds.  Moonshadow skips offstage long enough to tell security to let us go, Shadowrunners’ C0de and all (“He’s so cool”) and we split.

The item is some weird ancient elfy box which we cannot open, Calvin shows up again and tries to talks us out of turning it over to our contact or at least demanding more money.  We choose not to do either and hand it off, getting the cut of the guy who we were suppose to get it from at least (since he is dead and cannot use it).  PinkCat and Sparky return to the concert and everyone else bugs out.

Notes: A fun but messy scenario as Calvin totally freaked out and almost acted against the team, even threatening them later once they had recovered the box.  Moonshadow is an iconic elven former Shadowrunner Rocker from my Seattle campaign who M (and thus all his characters) hates, but PinkCat and Sparky think he is doubleplus good.

Top Photo by Falk Lademann and the lower photo by Aaron Muszalski both used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

 On to Episode Nine.

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