Judge, one of the Empress’ Seven Stars (A to Z Challenge, J)

11 April, 2015

the Judge

Quote: Law serves Justice and Justice serves the Empire.
    A perfect legal code is impossible.

Sometimes like thisDescription: In his true, draconic form, the Judge is a large dragon with scales a dark, charcoal grey edged with a dark silver, his wings are darker than his body, nearly black.  The Judge’s eyes are a dark blue flecked with silver. His claws, a deep silver-grey.  His voice is dark and controlled.

The Judge’s usual human form is tall and well built with wide shoulders, dark grey skin and black hair with silver highlights.  His eyes remain the same.  He favors whatever is worn as judicial grab where he is, in the Capital, he favors dark robes with a silver chain of office.

Background: The Judge was one of the first dragons recruited into the Empress’ grant vision and one of the Seven of them who survived the War with the Gods.  He was instrumental in defining the doctrine of Dominae which underpins the Imperial philosophy.

After the defeat of the gods, He choose the portfolio of law and justice in the Empire and was reward of the title, Judge.  Like the other Seven Stars, it is the only name he uses, his true name has been hidden from all through both conventional and sorcerous means.

The Judge took personal control of the few holdings that belonged to the gods known as the Law Lords but the rest of his power and status comes from his position in the Imperial government.

Presenting this Character: The Judge is the embodiment of Imperial Law, he knows it and all who encounter him should know it as well.  As one of the Empress’ Seven Stars, he is one of the most powerful beings in the Empire, personally and politically, he knows it and expects others to know it as well.

He travels to judge or observe cases that the Empress has taken personal interest.  Though he does not always announce her presence when his is acting as an observer, and he will choose a less obvious form for such occasions.

What can he do?: The Judge has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and can call upon a wide range of magic that can be used to determine truth, fact and motive.  This is beyond that fact that he is an ancient dragon with access to the armories that once belonged to gods.  His powers are vast . . . and he rarely uses them.  He prefers debate and persuasion to threats and displays of power, a victory of reason and suasion he finds far more satisfying and more permanent.

Who might know him and why: Anyone who was worked for the Imperial judiciary, or been caught up in its machinations, would know of the judge.  If they were talented enough or involved in an unusual enough case they could have attracted his attention.

Scholars or practitioners of obscure and occult specialties of the law may have had information the Judge sought, though he may have approached them in the guise of another.  He finds it difficult to have deep discussions with those who are -justly- afraid of his position.

The Judge is a collector of legal artifacts and ephemera: carved tablets of law, religious artifacts of the Law Lords, accounts of legal proceedings and so on.  He, through various identities, in involved in seveval circles that collect and discuss such.

Plot Hooks: If you have ancient or obscure legal paraphernalia for sale, the Judge or his agents would investigate and possibly bid or buy

If the characters have developed a unique legal strategy, the Judge will be interested.  Perhaps even interested enough to take over the case himself.

The Ministry of Law and Justice is always in need of talent lawyers and legal scholars and investigators, if the characters have excelled in one or more of these areas, they may be offered the chance to prove themselves.  If they succeed, perhaps even a position will be offered.

Notes: The Judge is one of the more interesting of the Empress’ servants, loyal but philosophical.  You can read more about Imperial Law here.

Image from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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