Hunters of Dragons (A to Z Challenge, H)

9 April, 2015

Hunters of Dragons

While the dragons may rule the Sea of Stars they do not lack for enemies.  Though the majority of dragon hunting cults and organizations that existed prior to the Sundering were . . . snuffed out in the aftermath of the fall of the gods, a handful of the actual hunters survived and passed on their knowledge in secret.  While out on the Edge of the World, the surviving giants refined their tools and tactics for the inevitable confrontation with dragons.  In their councils and workshops, the dwarves studied their potential foes and prepared weapons.

A shadowy network of these hunters now stretches across the Sea of Stars, with additional techniques pioneered by the Sen’tek and their failed bid for power.  While individual dragons and Draconic Houses make efforts to stamp them out in the territories they rule, the Empress and the Imperium is officially unconcerned as long as they avoid attacking Imperial agents, which bring terrible reprisals.

Books and pamphlets of tactics, theories and potential weapons circulate through underground Hunter Clubs and ancient books of lore penned by the extinct dragon hunter cults are avidly sought.  Scholars and amateurs alike study the weakness of dragons and seek their true names to allow others to construct weapons that will be most efficacious against particular dragons.  Unfortunately for the hunters, dragons are so varied in powers and abilities, there are very few universally applicable tactics or weapons that can be used against them.

While brute force and good intentions may be enough to take down a young dragon, an inexperienced hunter will never live to become experienced one if they do not learn everything they can about their enemy for older dragons have learned to compensate for their weaknesses and are prepared for most attacks.  The greatest weapon against the dragons is knowledge, but such knowledge often comes with its own price.

Notes: Just some background information and things to think about for those who wish to hunt dragons.

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