Giant-Blooded, descendants of the Giants (A to Z Challenge, G)

8 April, 2015


Remnants of a once mighty raceAs I discussed long ago, there are no traditional fantasy monster races in the Sea of Stars, no orcs, goblins or such, but there are a handful of surviving giants.  After the Gods were defeated, the Empress lead the dragons to break the power of the giants before they could organize into a credible threat.  Since then the remaining giants have hid from the dragons in various places at the Edge of the World.

Giants have managed to survive, if not thrive, often by using magics to blend in with the native populace, usually of humans, which naturally led to interbreeding between the two creating the giant-blooded.  Usually this expresses itself in size and strength but occasionally some other powers of giantish blood are inherited.

Mechanically as Pathfinder Core Half-Orcs except replace Darkvision, Orc Blood, Orc Ferocity and Weapon Familiarity with:

  • Giant Blood, Giant-blooded count as both human and giant for any effect related to race.
  • Giantish Stamina, for calculating hit point bonus, healing rate and Fortitude saves against exhaustion and disease, the Giant-blooded’s Constitution is considered to two points higher.
  • Low-light vision, Giant-blooded can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
  • Languages, Giant-blooded speak the Imperial Tongue and have basic knowledge of Giantish.

They may also select one Giantish Trait:

  • Blood of the Elements, the giant-blooded chooses an element and gains resistance 3 to that element, this increases to resistance 5 at 8th level and resistance 8 at 15th level.
  • Hard Hands, the Giant-blooded is treated as one size larger for determining damage from unarmed attacks.
  • Surefooted, choose one terrain type and ignore the penalties for moving through difficult terrain in that terrain.

Notes: Half-orcs are actually an interesting option in Pathfinder so I wanted to have a similar option for players in the Sea of Stars, but had to work around that whole “no orcs” thing.

Photo by Andy Hay and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


  1. A good substitute for the half-orc. It opens up some interesting setting possibilities, I think.

    • I hope so as well. And it is a more open theme than the half-orc, I think.

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