Fae Bronze, magical material (A to Z Challenge, F)

7 April, 2015

Fae Bronze

Sharper than . . .The fae world of magical courts and nature spirits was disrupted and nearly destroyed by the Sundering, for all their power and otherworldlyness, the fey realm reflects and is reflected by the Sea of Stars.  When it shattered, so did the fay realms, often spectacularly.

One of the effects was that a considerable stock of fae bronze fell into the hands of the Jet Dwarves of Three Eternal Spires and they learned to work it as well as the fae smiths, after some early mistakes that are held up as examples of what not to do when working with a newly found magical metal.  The remaining fay have traded some as well to gain access to material they need for their rebuilding or even survival.  While it is far from common, items made from fae bronze are not unknown.

Fae Bronze is treated as steel for its hardness, durability and weight.  Its nature makes it very easy to enchant, the glamored and shadow special ability especially so (costing 10% less to add to Fae Bronze armor).

But its major ability is its great antagonism to iron and steel:

  • Light armor made of Fae Bronze gain DR 1 against iron and steel weapon, medium armor improves this to DR 2 and heavy armor is DR 3.
  • Shields made from Fae Bronze inflict the broken condition on an iron or steel weapon that roll a natural 1 on an attack roll against it (this represent a warping and dulling of the blade or similar and causes no HP damage to the weapon nor can it cause the weapon to be destroyed).
  • Weapons of Fae Bronze gain an additional +1 to attack rolls against medium or heavier armor primarily composed of iron or steel and inflict the broken condition on a confirmed critical hit against such armors that cause more damage than twice the armor bonus of the armor in damage, and they inflict an extra 1d6 of damage when used to sunder iron or steel items.


  • Ammunition, +30
  • Light Armor, +2,000
  • Medium Armor, +4,000
  • Heavy Armor, +6,000
  • Shield, +3,000
  • Weapon, +1,500

Fae Bronze is highly desired by some, especially by those who hunt knights.  But it is most common among agents of the fey courts even now.

Notes: This is also doubling as my Tuesday magic item for the week.

Photo by Timothy Tsui and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


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