Tuesday Magic Item – Forward Lightning Chakram

24 March, 2015

Sort of like theseThe trio of elite Tiger Guards worked in precise unison, their chakram leaping from their hands to wound the bandits before flying back to be caught and used again.

When the bandit leader finally appeared, the Tiger Guard moved from harassment to all out assault.  With a shout they threw their chakram which flew with great force into the warriors surrounding the leader and then, in a flash of light, the Tiger Guard appeared gripping the chakram!  Taken by surprise the warriors were cut down and the bandit leader threw himself to the ground, begging for mercy.

Forward Lightning Chakram

These hardened steel chakram are decorated with magical glyphs and stylized representations of lightning in copper and gold.  When handled, they will occasionally spark with electricity.

To the unattuned, the Forward Lightning Chakram is simply a +1 chakram.  To attune to the weapon takes a week of practice, with at least four hours spent each day practicing with the chakram, at the end it is wielded at a +1 keen returning chakram that inflicts an additional one point of electrical damage on a successful attack.

Once per day, for an attuned wielder, the chakram can be thrown as a +3 keen shock chakram and the thrower immediately teleports to the location where it hit (appearing on a solid surface within five feet, if no such place exists, the chakram shatters and the thrower does not teleport), anything with eyes within 5′ of the chakram when someone teleports is dazzled for 1d4+1 rounds.  Using the chakram in this fashion drains it of all magical abilities until a noon and a midnight have passed.

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 25,301; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, lesser geas, lightning bolt, teleport; Cost 12,500 + 301 for the chakram

Notes: Wanted something to give mobility to elite warriors, pricy but interesting.

Image from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


  1. Exotic magic weaponry is always great.

  2. Oh, I love this. The teleportation is awesome and cinematic, and I like the required training — you know how fond I am of record-keeping. 😉

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