PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Xmas Story” and “Politix Sux” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

16 February, 2015

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.  Read about Episode 4.

Episode Five: Xmas Story

At the MallGuest Starring: Clawz.

This episode is a very special Christmas episode where the gang goes Christmas shopping in The Mall and learns something about the spirit of the season.  The central theme of the episode is Pink and Glitter (with Clawz along grumbling the whole time) trying to get their Christmas shopping done while BigGunCo is trying to rebrand themselves as Holiday friendly (“Nothing says I love you like a new piece.”), a ground of mean students from a local prep school are picking on other young people and Officer Bloodhound has a new flying drone that he is just sure will allow him to catch Pink and Glitter this time.  Hijinks ensue with BigGunCo pitches getting increasingly surreal (ending with a commercial with Weird Al’s Christmas at Ground Zero as its music), the mean kids being taught the True Meaning{tm} of Christmas and Officer Bloodhound deciding to spend the holiday with his family rather than chase Pink and Glitter.  The final scene is Pink and Glitter unwrapping gifts, with Pink getting a new scarf and Glitter getting Officer Bloodhound’s new drone.

What really happened- The team was hired to steal data on a new drone being developed by a regional weapons company, the inspiration for BigGunCon, and to destroy the data left in the system.  Bladez and Sparky visited the site and posed as test subjects (as the company hired people off the street to test its “nonlethal” weaponry) to get a look at the security, which seemed fairly tight.  But PinkCat came up with the idea of posing as students from the private school the company’s VP sent his kids to, collecting for UNICEF as a holiday charity project.  So, she hacked the school’s systems (and found that they had no meta students, so Sparky got volunteered to go in full Santa Claus gear complete with beard), setup things with UNICEF, while the others got school uniforms prepped and Sparky build a light up tree that could be used as a jammer if things went pear-shaped.  The trio went in posing as (and disguised as) students, met the media rep for the company (the whole thing was filmed for company ads!), sang carols, got donations for charity and, oh yeah, stole the data.  The great thing is that everyone, the students, the school, the media rep, would look bad if they reveal the deception (if they even realize it occurred) so the team should be pretty safe.  I was very pleased by how it played out, but there was no way to map the cartoon to the actual events without giving things away.

Episode Six: Politix Sux

Not Humanis' OpinionGuest Starring: Usagi-kun.  The team is hired by Mr Suit to shut out a group of illegal voters who are trying to manipulate the vote by voting multiple times in various locations to elect corrupt politicians.  Cue various cartoon acts of sabotage and trickery, repainting signs, bananas in tailpipes, staging traffic jams, stealing tires and so on.  The baddies are outwitted and the legitimate, less corrupt, candidates are elected and the team gets paid.

What really happened- The team was hired by a older woman, who was associated with MOM (Mothers of Metahumans) we discovered with some net digging, who hired us to disrupt a “Humans First” protest against the signing of a bill that would provide for restitution to metahumans who suffered under the Japanese occupation of San Francisco (as happened in the SR future).  So we sabotaged vehicles, got other bus companies to cancel their contract, hacked driving expert systems, used a bomb scare (complete with mock bomb) to lock down one of the gathering points and generally made the protest much smaller than it would otherwise have been.  PinkCat and the others were sitting in a Starbuck’s (as one does) watching our handiwork when we noticed an ork in a hoody placing a small box in the path the Human Rights marchers were going to take, Oda went after him (but lost him) while PinkCat and Sparky checked out the bomb.  Deciding that trying to disarm it was crazy, we just fetched the authorities and told them about the bomb, PinkCat get her face splashed across the news as a good Samaritan and no one got hurt.  We got paid, so, win all around, except for the whole publicity thing.

Notes: This is the first time that the cartoon versions have to radically diverge from their source material to protect the team.

Mall photo by Kevin Cole and One Human Family photo by Grammaticus Bramlington both used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Next episode (“Blast from the Past”) here.


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